nico arnett


What moves her: Making things better than when I find them and collecting stories. This may be why I’ve said ‘yes' to a number of questionable things in my life. Also, I want my son to be proud of his mom.

Wildest Dream: Gum that makes you tell the truth. Also, for the entire world to adopt the attitude of 'Less Talk, More Rock'. 

Who she is for our community: Nico is a magician. She is the resourceful, kind and super (sometimes scary) talented force behind The Distrikt. She takes our outlandish and big ideas and makes them real. She is the warm smile on a Monday morning, the attentive presence midweek and the always non-judgemental and delightful woman of our dreams. She is a mother, a boss and a true and rare gem in this community. One of our favourite mantras around here? "Ask Nico." She is the gift of all gifts. 

Whatever you are, be a good one.
— Abe Lincoln