ash Ambrosio


Teaches: weak ender, no run club, crush, ugly sweaters.

What moves her:  very simply, very humbly, connection—to others, to nature, and to myself.

Who she is for our community: Ashley A is one of the most beautiful, kind, caring, compassionate, loving women to fill our community. Her laugh is infectious and she can brighten up your day with one hug.  She has a huge heart, and continues to give and support people in her community without asking questions. No longer being kept a secret, this lady has the voice of an angel and if you ask her nicely she will serenade you during savasana, or after a few beers post Crush/Hush on Fridays.  Rumour has it she also makes soaps that look so good you want to eat them

Wildest dream: Dave Matthews and I. On stage. At the Gorge. At sunset.

Let nothing dim the light that shines from within.
— Maya Angelou